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What To Consider Before Buying or Renting Heavy Equipment

Knowing whether to outright buy heavy equipment or whether to rent it, comes with a variety of considerations – and at Douglas Lake Equipment, we’re here to help you make that decision in the most informed manner possible with the following consideration.

Consider Your Company’s Financial Situation

Clearly this is the most obvious factor when considering whether to buy or rent equipment, but sometimes immediate cost evaluations need to also be balanced with future projections. Buying can be a large initial investment, but if you plan on running your machinery for years to come, it might outweigh the cost option and benefits of renting.

However, if that will stretch you to the point of risking not being able to maintain your machinery – renting is an excellent option that doesn’t come with as many risks or overhead costs.

Consider Your Future Plans

If you have just landed a lengthy project, or have a multitude of projects lined up for the year to come, these are also considerations with renting vs. buying – especially if some jobs will overlap.

If your purchased piece of equipment is being utilized at one job site, and is creating a lack of machinery at another site, renting 2 pieces of equipment over buying just one might be the better option, until which time you can acquire enough machinery to get all the work done simultaneously.

Consider the Cost of Transporting Heavy Equipment

Having to transport rental equipment from far-flung locations can add to your rental expense, and if this is done multiple times throughout the year, it might benefit you to purchase even a used piece of heavy duty equipment from our New & Used selection.

Consider Equipment Availability

Owning your own equipment comes with the advantage of always having it on hand to use at will. Whereas a rental option might come with availability delays, which could mean the difference between you landing a work project and losing it based on a lack of equipment. So weigh this factor when considering whether to buy or rent your equipment also.

At DLE, we offer our customers the benefit of renting heavy duty equipment, selling them new equipment, or providing them with lightly used equipment. We stock a wide variety of equipment including excavators, wheel loaders, track loaders, skidsteers and other compact equipment available for your long term projects.

The immediate benefit of renting equipment is that it allows you to control your project costs without running into any surprises, while minimizing downtime and unforeseen maintenance costs.

Our Rental Advantages Also Include:

  • Purchase Option (rental purchase conversion)
  • Apply rental equity toward your purchase
  • Servicing support during rental (maintenance)
  • Like-new fleet; leading brands (no old clunkers in our fleet!)
  • Long-term rental discounts
  • Monthly minimums for low hour applications

So whether you think it would be in your best interest to rent heavy duty equipment, or you want to consider purchasing either a new or used piece of equipment – Douglas Lake Equipment has locations across BC and AB to help serve you, and we can further assess your needs on the phone or in person to get you into the right option right away!



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