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Is Financing Your Heavy Duty Equipment Purchase Right for You?

If you have been considering financing your next heavy duty equipment purchase, Douglas Lake Equipment is able to offer you competitive Equipment Financing Plans.

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with flexible financing to suit any budget, while maintaining equipment needs that can vary from customer to customer.

It can take hours of online research and in-person legwork to locate the right piece of heavy duty equipment that you require, and then deciding on whether you should finance or lease your equipment can also add to your time commitment. So allow us to help you better determine that with the following…

Deciding to Finance or Lease

Financing your heavy duty equipment purchase involves permanent ownership with affordable monthly payments. Whereas leasing your farming equipment involves temporary ownership of your machinery with usually lesser payments. Both come with their own set of benefits and perceived downfalls, and usually are determined by financial factors and cash flow.

Understanding the Efficiency of Financing

There is an investment factor when financing your heavy duty equipment in the aim to own it, and although you need to factor in ongoing repairs and/or replacement funds, having your equipment available to you at all times can often outweigh the investment overhead.

Uninterrupted Productivity and Profits

Keeping your productivity flowing is important to profitability, and despite the monthly costs involved when financing your equipment, there is also the uninterrupted productivity capabilities that leasing heavy duty equipment may hinder.

Long Term Financing Benefits

Financing your equipment over the long term can help ease the financial burden of outright equipment purchases, and with 4-6 year financing plans – you will be able to lessen the financial impact while paying down a piece of equipment you will soon own.

Seasonal Payment Structure

A seasonal payment structure is a consideration worth having a conversation about. Although BC offers year-round temperate climate, other provinces can have harsh winters that impact their productivity depending on their industry. So inquiring into a variable payment structure to reflect times that cash flow is more “flowing”, over periods when it is slower – can also help ease the financial burden and make better business sense for you.

Although leasing is a great way to control your monthly costs and equipment replacement plans, financing offers you permanent machinery ownership. And because we partner with some of the best financial institutions in Canada, we can offer our customers a competitive lending rate to meet your budget and get you into the right piece of heavy duty machinery that will pay off for years to come.

Use our convenient online application or authorization form for a quick approval …we look forward to doing business with you!

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