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The Importance of Knowing Your Equipment Dealership Departments

Getting to know your equipment dealership departments plays an important role in your purchases, servicing and parts replacement process. Although it is by no means your duty to build a relationship where all the effort lies with you or your company, it is in your best interest to maintain the relationships offered to you from your dealership, as the intended purpose is to keep the lines of communication open between company and client or order to better serve their needs.

The Advantage Getting to Know Your Sales Department

Purchasing heavy duty or agricultural equipment in BC or Alberta, is a large investment for any business or farm. As such, gaining and maintaining a solid relationship with the sales department will better ensure your needs are met in accordance to your specifications, growing to understand those needs season after season. This type of contact enabled our sales department to tailor our sales to meet your product needs, keeping you informed on new products and promotions throughout the year.

The Value of Getting to Know Your Service Department

The service department of any heavy duty and agricultural equipment site is a valued bunch of people. These are individuals who are well trained in their field, who understand your machinery and can assist you in maintaining it, getting it up and running or replacing it for you during an emergency. Knowing someone by name within a service department can often mean the difference between immediate service repairs, and scheduled service repairs. Although we clearly try to attend to all of our clients in an immediate fashion, there is only so much time in a day. But for customers who provide us with the time to build upon the relationships we offer – we equally go above and beyond to service their needs.

The Benefit of Getting to Know Your Parts Department

The parts department is yet another very valued group of individuals who will keep your equipment in optimal condition, provide you with bulk buying opportunities when parts come available, or keep you posted on parts availability when reaching peak season or next season requirements. There is nothing worse than sitting idle waiting on a part, which is why having a relationship with the parts department will help keep you top of mind for all your parts needs.

At DLE, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality in sales, service and parts of any make or model of equipment you have. We stock parts for all of our major brands, as well as supply parts for all brands.

Whether it’s at one of our fully equipped facilities or at your work site, we have you covered, and would love the opportunity to get to know you and show you the difference relationship building can make to your business or farm!

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