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How To Increase Your Profitability with Heavy Duty Equipment Rentals

At Douglas Lake Equipment, we aim to provide our customers with top-quality parts and service within various areas of BC and Alberta, delivering on all your heavy duty equipment needs as required.

There is little else worse for business than not being able to fill a job order due to broken down equipment or a lack thereof, which is where considering an equipment rental comes in; helping you to maximize profitability or even save your business altogether.

Whether you have a landscaping company that is down due to machinery malfunction, or you require a piece of rental equipment to get the job done – we can help!

Heavy Duty Equipment Rentals to the Rescue

Perhaps you are trying your hand within the landscaping industry but don’t yet have the funds to purchase equipment outright, or you are finding it to be a busier than usual season and need extra machinery to assist you – an earthmoving equipment rental can quickly come to your aid.

Earthmoving Equipment can help you push out or pull up dirt from the ground – among other things, and just one heavy duty earthmoving piece of machinery can offer you a range of functions, assisting you to make a go of your new business venture and/or ensuring your landscaping project is done in a more efficient manner.

Purchasing machinery outright clearly comes with a lot of overhead cost, and you may not even be able to utilize your equipment year-round. Which means it is sitting idle, not making you a profit, yet still costing you money.

Heavy duty equipment rentals can save you from these high initial startup costs, free up more of your time, and have you making money quickly without useless dust-gathering pieces of machinery that can’t be used year-round.

At Douglas Lake Equipment, we are happy to assist you with the following Heavy-Duty Equipment Rentals within BC and Alberta

  • Full size excavators
  • Compact or mini excavators
  • Wheel loaders
  • Track loaders
  • Skidsteer loaders
  • Attachments
  • Tractors
  • Track dumpers
  • Utility vehicles (RTVs)

Our Contact Us page will point you in the right direction for our office locations in BC or Alberta for all your heavy duty equipment needs, helping you maintain and/or increase your business profitability easily and affordably!


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