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How to Maximize Your Heavy Duty Equipment’s Productivity

Knowing how to maximize your heavy duty equipment’s productivity – especially during the winter months, isn’t as simple as typical vehicle maintenance, but when maintained properly, your heavy duty equipment will run long and hard for you for years to come.

Winter and Your Heavy Duty Equipment

Winter can be hard on heavy-duty equipment, especially when it is not properly looked after.

Block heaters are a simple solution to having your engines firing up on all cylinders easily and effectively during the winter months.

As well, keeping your battery charged will help to decrease the wear on it, as cold weather causes your battery to use twice as many amps to crank in order for your engine to turn over. So give the beating heart of your machinery a break, and keep it fully charged when not in use.

Lubricant Checks and Equipment Storage

Maintenance checks are imperative to smooth operations. Areas such as engine lubricants, transmission lubricants, final drive and hydraulic lubricants, as well conditioning your hydraulic hoses, will all play an important part in optimal heavy duty equipment operations.

Ensure your lubricant levels are checked before each use for proper flow of fluid, and -if possible- keep your equipment stored in a facility that is enclosed in order to keep your fluids at room temperature, especially when the outdoor temperatures are plunging.

Also, we can’t stress enough to run your engine until it reaches proper operating temperatures, as this will dramatically increase the life of your equipment.

Tire Care for Your Heavy Duty Equipment

Lastly, to maximize your heavy-duty equipment’s productivity, ensure your tires are inflated properly each time the machinery is put into operation. Cold air can cause your tires to lose pressure, and having the proper pounds her square inch will having your equipment running smoothly, and maintaining your tires for the duration of their intended lifespan.

At Douglas Lake Equipment, we provide all our customers with an on-call service department, and are here to help as you need us. During the harsh winter months and throughout every other season, we are well equipped to help you maintain your heavy-duty equipment, and keep you up and running for a productive workflow!