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Understanding Till vs. No-Till Farming

At Douglas Lake Equipment, we are proud to provide both construction and agricultural equipment to our BC and Alberta customers. Whether leasing or buying, we understand that there isn’t just one way or one type of machinery that fits the mold for each customers, which is why our equipments and services are intended to help you complete the job in the best way possible for your individual needs.

This type of mindset is reflected in the industries we serve, including the farming industry and the various methods used to tend to agricultural land – one of which variations includes “till vs. no-till farming” …and we’re here to help further expand on this topic to give our readers a better understanding about this debated topic amongst the farming community.

The Till vs. No-Till Debated

The question at hand isn’t a new topic, rather – it has been a debated topic for decades. Historically, tilling the land has been done every harvest to prepare the soil for the next crop; loosening dirt, allowing for easier planting of seeds, managing weeds and aerating the soil. But not everyone agrees with these benefits.

No-till farming methods are arguably beneficial as well, protecting the soil and the surrounding environment from the carbon trapped within the soil. Leaving the soil un-tilled means that gases trapped in the soil are not emitted into the air, and that the moisture within the soil maintains itself – reducing erosion while also minimizing the use of fuel required to till the land.

The Cost vs. Benefits Debate

Although there are the aforementioned benefits to no-till farming, there is also the added expense of specific planters being required to break through harder soil. As well, weed control comes into effect with no-till farming.

That being said, pest control is a concern with either till or no-till methods, the type of pests thrive and vary differently in each environment.

Whether your choice is to run a till or a no-till farm, Douglas Lake Equipment is here to offer you the best equipment for the job. We look forward to helping you maintain your land as you see fit, and enhance your crop production based on your expertise and our equipment and services provided to you across BC and Alberta!

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