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The Value of Purchasing Quality Used Agricultural Equipment

Farming is a lifestyle choice that comes with a variety of cost considerations, benefits and sacrifices along the way. Which is why Douglas Lake Equipment would like our agricultural community to understand ‘The Value of Purchasing Quality Used Agricultural Equipment’ – helping you to advance your productivity with cost-effective measures through quality used farming equipment.

As such, here are some of the advantages and considerations to keep in mind when purchasing used agricultural equipment in BC and Alberta.

The Value of Used Equipment

Buying quality used agricultural equipment in BC and Alberta from a trusted dealer, means you are receiving a piece of machinery that will offer you the tools to “till your land” without having to pay higher ticket prices, which automatically come from purchasing new farming equipment. This value is recognizable both in cost and in the quality equipment purchased.

Savings on Depreciated Equipment

In-line with the value mentioned above, buying used means you are purchasing “depreciated equipment”. Not because it is worthless, but because it is worth LESS, having already been previously used and not carrying the market cost of a brand new brand.

Find a Trustworthy Dealership

The key to finding a quality used piece of agricultural equipment in BC and AB, is finding a trustworthy dealership who has inspected, repaired and guarantees their products – something Douglas Lake Equipment is known for!

Ensure Timely Availability of Parts and Services

A guarantee on products often comes in the form of available parts and services to keep your farming equipment in prime operating condition. Any piece of machinery, new or used, will run into the needs for parts and servicing, which is why Douglas Lake Equipment provides both throughout the lifespan of your machinery.

Although buying new offers various advantage, which Douglas Lake Equipment can walk you through to compare and make the right buying decision for your farm, buying quality used faring equipment in BC and AB can be just as effective, and offer you the added help you may need to further your farms productivity affordably!

Looking to find out what we have in stock? Give one of our locations a call, and we’ll be happy to help you understand The Value of Purchasing Quality Used Agricultural Equipment through Douglas Lake Equipment!


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