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Load and move material no matter what the ground conditions. Kubota’s line of Compact Track Loaders are second to none

DLE AMC has the largest selection of Kubota Compact Track Loaders at the best prices. With locations in Surrey, Abbotsford, Kamloops, Kelowna and Dawson Creek locations, we’re always close by!

Whether you’re digging, loading, hauling or pushing, you can count on a Kubota compact track loader to handle the job with ease. With superior stability plus best-in-class bucket breakout force and lifting capacity, they’ve got the power, performance and durability to manage even your toughest worksite tasks. And, with a variety of snow removal attachments available including snow pushers and snowblowers – make the most of Kubota Compact Track Loaders all year long.

Kubota Compact Track Loader

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Why Kubota Compact Track Loaders?

Kubota compact track loaders are versatile and efficient machines that are widely used in construction, landscaping, and other industries. Here are some key reasons to consider these particular machines:

Broad Application: These machines are engineered to carry out a wide array of tasks including excavation, grading, demolition, and material handling. Attachments like buckets, forks, grapples, and augers can be added, broadening their application in various settings.

Superior Mobility: Known for their excellent maneuverability, these machines can operate in confined spaces and challenging terrains. Their low ground pressure capability allows them to navigate uneven ground, muddy conditions, and slopes with minimal effort.

Operator Comfort: The design of these machines prioritizes operator comfort, featuring spacious cabins, adjustable seating, and intuitive controls. This reduces operator fatigue and enhances productivity. Some models are also equipped with amenities like air conditioning, heaters, and entertainment systems for added convenience.

Durability: Durability is a significant feature of these machines, built with robust frames and top-notch components, they’re able to withstand heavy use and extreme conditions. They feature reinforced undercarriages and robust tracks, equipping them to navigate tough terrains and demanding work environments.

Efficiency: Efficiency is a cornerstone of these machines’ design. They offer high hydraulic flow rates, quick cycle times, and advanced engine management systems that enhance fuel efficiency and cut operating costs. These combined qualities make Kubota Compact Track Loaders an excellent investment for professionals in need of reliable, multifunctional equipment.