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Kubota Mowers

Kubota mowers are known for their performance and reliability and DLE AMC has the best deals and most selection of Kubota Mowers.

Kubota Mowers are available at our Surrey, Abbotsford, Kamloops, Kelowna and Dawson Creek locations, we’re always close by!

Whether you’re maintaining municipal parks or sports fields or looking after the grounds of a commercial property, Kubota mowers, RTVs and CUTs are designed to deliver professional results every time. Each unit is built for lasting reliability, convenient operation, maneuverability and easy maintenance.

Kubota Mowers

Kubota Mowers In Inventory

Why Kubota Mowers?

Kubota is well-regarded for its line of lawn mowers and turf care equipment. Here are some reasons why Kubota mowers are considered good:

Durability: Kubota mowers are built with high-quality materials and components, ensuring longevity and reliable performance even under tough working conditions.

Powerful Engines: Kubota mowers are equipped with efficient and powerful engines that provide ample power for various mowing tasks.

Cutting Performance: Kubota mowers deliver excellent cutting performance with sharp, durable blades and adjustable cutting heights, resulting in a clean and even cut.

Comfort: Operator comfort is a priority for Kubota, with features like ergonomic controls, cushioned seats, and reduced vibration levels, making mowing tasks more enjoyable and less tiring.

Maneuverability: Kubota mowers are designed for easy maneuvering, with responsive steering and tight turning radiuses, making it simpler to navigate around obstacles and tight spaces.

Versatility: Kubota offers a wide range of mowers, including walk-behind, zero-turn, and ride-on models, catering to various lawn sizes and user preferences.

Easy Maintenance: Kubota mowers are designed with accessible components, making maintenance tasks like blade replacement, oil changes, and filter cleaning more straightforward.

Fuel Efficiency: Kubota engines are known for their fuel efficiency, which helps reduce operating costs and environmental impact.