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New Holland Spreaders

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Douglas Lake Equipment is your dealer for all new New Holland agriculture, farm, and ranch equipment. We carry and offer great deals on all types of New Holland equipment including tractors, combines, combine headers, mowers, air drills, mower conditioners, tedders, rakes, balers, windrowers and harvesters.

Accuracy matters when planting, and our line of tillage and seeding equipment achieves this goal with higher efficiency.

New Holland Spreaders

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Why New Holland Spreaders?

New Holland Spreaders: Unmatched Accuracy, Capacity, and Innovation for Superior Fertilization and Crop Management

New Holland spreaders have earned a reputation for their unmatched accuracy, capacity, and innovative design, making them a popular choice among agricultural professionals worldwide. Designed to address the complex needs of modern farming, New Holland’s spreaders deliver outstanding fertilization and crop management results, leading to improved yields and enhanced profitability.

Precision Application and Distribution: New Holland spreaders are engineered to provide exceptional accuracy in fertilizer and material application. Their advanced distribution systems ensure uniform coverage, minimizing waste and maximizing nutrient absorption by plants. This precise application results in healthier crops, increased yields, and optimized resource utilization.

High Capacity and Efficiency: Equipped with large hoppers and advanced spreading mechanisms, New Holland spreaders enable users to cover vast areas with fewer refills, leading to increased efficiency and reduced downtime. Their high-capacity performance allows farmers to complete fertilization tasks quickly and effectively, making the most of available time and resources.

Innovative and User-Friendly Design: New Holland’s spreaders feature state-of-the-art designs that prioritize ease of use and maintenance. With user-friendly controls, adjustable spreading rates, and versatile attachment options, these spreaders allow for seamless integration into existing farming operations. Their innovative design also simplifies cleaning and maintenance, reducing associated costs and ensuring long-lasting performance.

Adaptable to Various Conditions and Materials: New Holland spreaders are designed to be versatile, handling a wide range of materials, such as fertilizers, lime, and organic matter. Their adaptability enables farmers to address specific crop and soil requirements effectively, promoting optimal growth and yield.

Reliable Support and Service: New Holland’s extensive dealer network offers unparalleled customer support, providing prompt access to spare parts, maintenance, and technical assistance. Their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that your spreader remains productive and efficient throughout its lifespan.

In summary, New Holland spreaders excel due to their unmatched accuracy, high capacity, innovative design, adaptability, and exceptional support network. These qualities make New Holland a trusted partner for agricultural professionals seeking advanced and reliable spreaders to optimize fertilization and crop management, driving success in their farming operations.