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Anderson Fusion720

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Anderson Fusion720
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The new Fusion720 xtractornContractors will particularly appreciate this machine for its versatility to wrap inline as well as individual bales. Lets you optimize and diversify the customer base and increase turnover with a single equipment.nnThe Fusion720 Xtractor also solves the problem of row ends and losses caused by this system. Simply wrap a bale to create a start and end plug, sealing the row perfectly and minimize the losses caused by poor sealing of the ends.nnFor producers who sell a portion of their crop, the Fusion720 Xtractor allows you to wrap inline to feed your own livestock, while saving on film. On the other hand, if your crops exceed the needs of your herd, the excess can be wrapped individually, allowing you to maximize the selling value of your bales by allowing you to sell them without deterioration of its quality.nnPerfect also when the storage site is limited and does not allow to wrap everything in one place, it is now possible to wrap bales individually with one machine.nnWith the Fusion720 xtractor, you have the best of both worlds Anderson, presents its latest innovation :nthe Fusion720 Xtractor, a single machine that can wrap everything!nnVersatility and speednWrapping optimizationnPlastic economy

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