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  • HighSpeed: 20% higher throughputs while maintaining the same density
  • HDP: Higher bale density – up to 25% heavier bales than from the BiG Pack 1290
  • HDP II: Up to 70% higher throughput or up to 10% higher bale densities than from the HDP HighSpeed
  • Chamber sizes from 80 x 70 cm to 120 x 130 cm
  • VFS along with electronic baling pressure control for even bale densities
  • X-Cut and VariCut cutting systems and PreChop for short cutting lengths
  • Well-proven KRONE knotters for high-density and well-shaped bales
  • MultiBale system packs up to nine small bales in one single big pack
  • BaleCollect accumulator runs behind the baler collecting the finished bales as they leave the baler for greater harvest efficiencies and reduced field traffic

One step ahead – with a KRONE BiG Pack. Whether you are making heavier, rock-hard bales with the BiG Pack HDP II or tying up to nine small bales neatly into one big bale with the MultiBale system, you’ll always be ahead of the field, using first-time innovations you won’t find anywhere else.

The BiG Pack product range

  • BiG Pack 890 (XC) HighSpeed: With four double knotters and a chamber measuring 80 cm in width and 90 cm in height, this machine has proved its worth time and again – not just in straw but also in heavy, wet silage.
  • BiG Pack 1270 (XC/VC) HighSpeed: The 70 cm high x 120 cm wide chamber on this machine makes it truly versatile. Six single or double knotters produce firm and uniform bales in straw, hay and silage.
  • BiG Pack 1270 (XC/VC) MultiBale HighSpeed: This version enables you to pack up to nine small packs in one big bale. Big bales can be cleared quickly from the field, and the smaller packs are easy to distribute later on.
  • BiG Pack 1290 (XC) HighSpeed: These solid 1.20 m wide and 90 cm high bales are popular with farmers the world over. With its massive bale dimensions, this machine is mainly in demand for straw and hay, but it also handles silage successfully in some countries.
  • BiG Pack 4 x 4 (XC) HighSpeed: With a chamber height of 130 cm, you get fewer bales per hectare and save time and money on labour too – because the field is cleared fast. This baler is mainly used in straw and hay.
  • BiG Pack 870 HDP (XC) MultiBale: The “3-in-1” machine. Boating a 80 x 70 cm chamber, this model produces the same densities as a BiG Pack HDP. This baler also comes with the MultiBale function that enables contractors to respond flexibly to their customers’ needs.
  • BiG Pack 1290 HDP (XC/VC) HighSpeed: Rock-hard bales. Because the HDP high-density baling system and the longer baling chamber deliver up to 25% heavier bales than conventional systems. And this pays for itself fast in terms of haulage.
  • BiG Pack 1290 HDP II (XC): Higher density – higher forward speeds. With its eight double knotters, this baler produces up to 70% higher throughputs or up to 10% higher densities than the BiG Pack HDP HighSpeed. It also delivers a lot more power on the field, making your straw logistics more efficient.

Active Pick-up EasyFlow

  • „Cleanest sweeps: from a more effective pick-up with a powered feed roller
  • „Powered feed roller for superior performance even in brittle material
  • „Smoother running thanks to camless design
  • „Less wear with 68% fewer moving parts
  • „Maintenance-free and long-lasting

KRONE Active Pick-up – a clever combination of the tried-and-trusted camless EasyFlow Pick-up plus an additional powered feed roller. The speciality of this pick-up is the design of the galvanized scrapers, which ensure a continuous and smooth crop flow as the tines retract. EasyFlow can work 30% faster – allowing for faster forward speeds and higher throughputs.

Working at a width of 1.95 or 2.35 m (DIN 11220) and kitted out with five rows of tines spaced 55 mm apart, the camless EasyFlow Pick-up does a clean job every time. The combination of the powered feed roller and the side-mounted augers tick all the boxes in dry, brittle material, delivering massively increased throughputs.

Gentle on the sward: The pneumatic caster wheels follow every curve and are height-adjustable without tools. The sward is even protected on curves, thanks to their excellent castering behaviour.


Full throttle: The cutting and VFS rotor is driven directly off the main gearbox. Overload protection is provided by the integrated cam clutch. The HDP II is driven via a selectable poly V-belt.

The XCut cutting system has two blade cassettes which lower hydraulically for convenient access. Each cassette pulls out to the side like a drawer.

Maximum protection: All blades feature individual spring protection for trouble- free operation when foreign objects are picked up. The blades conveniently push back into their working position after the foreign body has cleared.

KRONE VariCut: The multi-blade cutting system

  • „Up to 51 blades
  • „Variable blade control system
  • „Belt drive and four-star rotor for maximum efficiency
  • „Produces top quality short straw
  • „Easy and convenient to maintain

The KRONE VariCut is an ultra-flexible multiple blade cutting system for the BiG Pack 1270 and BiG Pack 1290 HDP and comes with a choice of up to 51 blades. VariCut can produce short straw with a theoretical LOC of at least 22 mm – the ideal solution for animal feed or bedding.

Convenient overload protection: A side-mounted poly V-belt drives the pick-up and the rotor. The rotor has permanent slip control which switches it off and automatically swings the blades out of the crop flow if it becomes overloaded. To resume work, the operator first restarts the rotor and then engages the blades from the cab.

Clamped and secure: The blades are engaged hydraulically, after which the blade cassette is clamped in the frame. This takes the strain off the cassette’s rolls and any vibrations that occur during cutting are safely absorbed, ensuring smooth running when the cassette is inserted and removed.

Variable blade control system: Blades can be preselected without tools in groups of 51, 26, 25, 12, or 5. The preselected group is engaged hydraulically from the cab. All cams are attached to the shaft and can be combined to form individual groups.

Easy to clean: A service aperture above the blades can be opened in a single action for removing deposits. The area around the blades and the individual blade protection system is kept clean with an integrated compressed air blower.

Convenient to fit and maintain: For easy removal and maintenance, the single-piece blade cassette pulls out conveniently to the side on an optional transport frame that fits on a pallet truck.


  • „Short chop lengths – minimum 21 mm nominal lengths
  • „Adjustable LOC, two selectable counterblades
  • „Defibration effect for added liquid absorption
  • „Mechanical gearbox and hydraulic height control

PreChop is an integral front-mounted chopping unit on the KRONE big balers of the BiG Pack 1270 (XC/VC), 1290 (XC) und 1290 HDP (XC) series. It has 96 rotating blades and two rows of 47 counterblades that achieve a nominal LOC of 21 mm. But PreChop doesn’t only chop, it also visibly defibrates the stalks.

Chopped and nearly dust-free straw makes perfect bedding in poultry houses and cow cubicles as well as in pig and beef cattle housing. More than that, it is used as animal feed that adds fibre to low-fibre rations but also as mulch in strawberry plantations and nutrient medium in mushroom production. The treated straw has better absorption qualities, spreads more easily in the livestock house, and prevents the slurry drains from blocking up while supporting manure mineralization.

The large cutting rotor is 525 mm in diameter and features 96 pivoting blades in a helical arrangement. Rotating at 3,000 rpm, it feeds the material through two rows of counterblades with 47 rigid blades each and from here on to the BiG Pack pick-up. A turbulence generator strip between the counterblades ensures a top quality chop. The intensity of the two counterblades can be adjusted in one of five positions without tools. All blades are reversible for a long service life.

Easy to remove: If the PreChop isn’t needed for an extended period, it can easily be removed. Simply remove the pins and the drive shaft and then pull the unit out to the side on its transport rolls.

Neat knots: In extremely dusty conditions, a powerful knotter cleaning system is key. The high-performance fan must be included in all orders of PreChop machines to make sure dirt and debris are removed before they actually accumulate.

Versatile Active Pick-up: When used with PreChop, the feed roller on the Active Pick-up can be stopped and switched off if necessary. The crop press roller can also be moved away. The PreChop has a high lift-out height, enabling the baler to be used without removing the PreChop.

VFS – The Variable Fill System

  • „Uniform densities courtesy of a multiphase feeding sequence
  • „Pre-compression in the feed chamber for maximum filling
  • „Stable bales even from small swaths
  • „Uniformly compressed bales for higher bale weights
  • „Automatic overload clutch for operating at full performance capacity

How the VFS system works: As the first step, the packer in combination with a feeder bar feed the material into the feed chamber where it is collected and pre-compressed. Once the feed chamber is filled to capacity, the feeder bar pushes the crop into the bale chamber. The VFS Variable Filling System from KRONE delivers rock-hard bales that keep their shape even in thin swaths and at slow forward speeds.

Depending on the model, the VF system operates with three or four packer rakes and one feeder rake plus one retainer. The packers run in a shared cam track, the feeder rake in a separate cam track that swings into and off path.

As long as the feeder cam track does not swing off path, the packers and the feeder continue feeding material into the feed chamber, pre-compressing it as they go. The retainer holds the material in the feed chamber, preventing it from entering the baling chamber.

When the feed chamber is filled with material, the retainer gives way to the pressure and clears the way for the material to enter the baling chamber, releasing a clutch at the same time.

The clutch swings the entire feeder cam into a different position to enable the feeder rake to feed the crop into the baling chamber. Once this cycle is completed, the retainer and feeder automatically return to their previous positions.

The driveline

  • „High inertia and high speeds for a quiet running system
  • „Power is transmitted down clutch-protected drive shafts
  • „No shear pins in the drive train for maximum operator comfort
  • „Electronic baling pressure control for even bale densities

The on-board hydraulic system with automatic baling pressure control ensures firm bale shapes and tidy edges, even in wet conditions and in different crops. Two sensors measure the current force of the plunger. A control system compares this measurement with the operator settings and the on-board hydraulic system automatically adapts the pressure exerted on the chamber walls.

For a smooth machine start, all BiG Pack HDP II models are equipped with a hydraulic start assist system consisting of two hydro motors that accelerate the flywheel before the tractor pto is engaged. The intermediate gearbox on the drawbar has two advantages: it reduces wear on the straight drive shaft and boosts the pto speed – a clever solution that helps maximize the flywheel’s inertia.

Perfectly protected: On start-up the BiG Pack is protected by a slip clutch. In the event of an overload on the machine side an automatic cut-out clutch is activated.

Direct drive: On KRONE big balers, power is transmitted to the packer and the knotters via robust, low-maintenance drive shafts, gears and overload clutches. Buying this technology means buying into dependability and comfort.

Automatic mode: The operator selects a density between 0 % and 100 % on the control box, and the baling force control automatically adapts the pressure in the baling chamber.

The baling chamber

  • „Massive hydraulic rams for maximum bale densities
  • „An electronic star wheel sensor ensures uniform bale lengths
  • „A 40 km/h single axle or 60 km/h tandem axles
  • „A rigid or caster steer boogie axle

The KRONE BiG Packs have massive hydraulic rams for highest densities. Rigid or castersteer 60 km/h tandem axles are available to boost productivity.

Full-on power for rock-solid bales: Up to six massive rams operate the top and the side walls of the chamber. The heavy-duty yoke is designed to cope with exceptionally high loads in nonstop operation.

Consistent bale length every time: KRONE equips all BiG Packs with a star wheel that measures the bale length electronically. The star wheel is mounted centrally in the bale chamber floor.

Extendable rear end: The BiG Pack features a very strong frame that also has a hitch to pull a bale for example. The BiG Pack features a very strong frame that also has a hitch to pull a bale accumulator for example.

Powerful and safe: The KRONE big balers have long plungers which support the work of the needles, a design that brings peace of mind with respect to needle operation. The BiG Pack 870 and 890 operate at 49 strokes/min, the BiG Pack 1270 and 1290 HDP and HDP II at 45 strokes/min and the BiG Pack 4 x 4 at 38 strokes/min, ensuring quiet and smooth operation.

The funnel shape does the trick: For maximum bale densities, BiG Packs are equipped with long, funnel-shaped bale chambers with spring-loaded retainers on the sides and top towards the front. The rounded ends of the side walls guarantee smooth bale edges.

The running gear

With the tandem axle designed as a boogie unit, BiG Pack runs smoothly and quietly at speeds of up to 60 km/h – to the pleasure of man and machine. Rear wheel steering gives you full control in every twist and turn. Tyre scrubbing is avoided and the sward remains intact. For even greater convenience while reversing, the steering axle is moved hydraulically into mid-position and locked. The sprung boogie tandem axle unit can be fitted with large 17″ to 26.5″ tyres depending on the machine.

Standard single axle on BiG Pack 890: The BiG Pack 890 is available with a single axle and large tyres (710/45- 22.5) for speeds of up to 40 km/h (25 mph) or an optional tandem axle for speeds of up to 60 km/h (37 mph).

4-leaf parabolic spring suspension: Giving large travel, the spring assembly spreads the machine weight evenly between the front and rear axles – a special boon in boggy terrain.

The choice is yours: The boogie tandem axle is available in two versions: a rigid and caster steered axle with a locking ram that locks it in its middle position. Both versions are approved for 60 km/h (37 mph) provided they are fitted with appropriate tyres.

KRONE knotting system

  • „Absolutely reliable – simple twine feeding system
  • „Cleaning by air
  • „Central lubrication provided as standard
  • „Long service life

The KRONE knotting system delivers a high-density and firm bale every single time. The double knotter technology on the BiG Pack 870 HDP is fitted as standard on all chambers measuring more than 70 cm in height, where it ties even high-density bales and crops that are prone to expanding into packs that hold. BiG Pack 1270 is fitted with single knotters as standard, but double knotters are available as an option.

How the double knotter works: The knotter feeds an upper and a lower twine to the bale as it is being pressed and ties the twine with two knots – one at the front end of the bale (starter knot no. 1) and one at the rear end (finishing knot no. 2). The lower twine is threaded through the needle by a tensioning system that surrounds the base and the two ends of the bale. The upper twine is supplied to the bale directly by a tensioning system and encloses the top of the bale. This system allows the machine to apply maximum baling force in any type of crop.

With as many as 32 twine balls (11 kg each) on board (54 on the HDP II), you can bale more than 900 bales without stopping for a refill. The dust-proof twine boxes can be simply flipped up to allow access for servicing.

Cleaning by air: The air cleaning system guarantees ultra-reliable knotting – even in extreme conditions. The airlines clean the knotters regularly with a jet of compressed air.

Cleaning by air: The air cleaning system guarantees ultra-reliable knotting – even in extreme conditions. The airlines clean the knotters regularly with a jet of compressed air.

KRONE MultiBale

  • „Up to nine small bales in one single big pack
  • „Small bales from 0.30 to 1.35 m
  • „BiG performance in the field
  • „Small bales for easy handling in the yard

Up to nine single bales are packed in one big bale: The award-winning KRONE MultiBale system makes bales much easier to handle. The small bales can be between 0.30 and 1.35 m in length. Naturally, you can also produce conventional big bales with lengths of up to 2.70 m.

From big to small: On the move, the operator sets the required number of bales on the control box in the cab, Selecting the total length of the big bale and the number of small packs. The small bales are held together with two strings, whereas the big bale has three (BiG Pack 870) or four (BiG Pack 1270). Naturally you can also produce conventional full-size single bales tied with five or six strings.

Divided needle yokes: In MultiBale mode, two knotters knot the small packs and the others tie the big bale, assisted by a divided needle yoke. The two needle yokes are coupled and uncoupled by a controlled latch. The knotters will only work when they are supplied with twine, so the other strings simply pass through underneath the knotters. The small bales are tied with two lengths of twine. When the bale is complete, the two yokes are automatically re-engaged so that all the knotters are now supplied with twine. Then the big bale is tied.

The optional MultiBale system has double knotter technology and is controlled via the on-board Comfort control unit. MultiBale gets the field cleared quickly and you can supply your customers with big bales made up of small packs. The MultiBale system made its mark on the market in no time. After all, small bales are so much easier to handle in confined buildings.

Control units

  • High-resolution colour touchscreens
  • „The control units on KRONE BiG Pack big balers are all ISOBUS-compatible.
  • „If the KRONE BiG Pack is hitched to an ISOBUS-compatible tractor, you can use the tractor terminal to control the baler.

Even the entry-level DS 500 from KRONE offers convenient and comprehensive control of all major functions from a colour touchscreen. The CCI 800 and CCI 1200 ISOBUS terminals take user comfort to the max, offering one screen that displays both the machine user interface and the images that are fed from camera.

The new ISOBUS-compatible CCI 1200 terminal with its 12″ touch screen displays the views of two universal terminals (UT) on one screen. This allows the operator to control combinations such as a BiG Pack and a BaleCollect from one single terminal and view footage from several cameras on the same screen – a money-saving feature that provides a better all-round view from the cab. The individual machine functions are shown in mini-view format on the bright, high-resolution colour screen.

All ISOBUS-compatible KRONE machines can also be controlled from the tractor’s existing ISOBUS terminal. Simply connect one single cable and enjoy your usual user interface on the display in the cab. Optional controls like the WTK joystick make the tractor even easier to operate, depending on the tractor specification.

BiG Pack 890 | 1270 | 1290 | 4×4

  • „BiG Pack 890 HighSpeed: the baler for handy sized bales
  • „BiG Pack 1270 HighSpeed: single or double knotters with optional MultiBale function
  • „BiG Pack 1290 HighSpeed: the world’s most popular bale size
  • „BiG Pack 4 x 4 HighSpeed: high throughput and the world’s biggest square bales

With their different chamber dimensions and many unique features, the BiG Pack 890 (XC), 1270 (XC/VC), 1290 (XC) and 4 x 4 (XC) deliver exceptional performance in straw, hay and other crops the world over. Every BiG Pack produces consistently stable bales – from small packs to the biggest bales on the market.

BiG Pack 890 (XC) HighSpeed: At 80 x 90 cm, this machine has the smallest chamber of any of the standard range of KRONE big balers. The handy, lightweight bales it produces are perfect for smaller farms that harvest smaller quantities of straw and hay. This machine is available either with a single axle or a rigid, steered tandem axle. Also, choose between Medium and Comfort onboard electronic controls. An Active Pick-up with a 1.95 m wide powered feed roller is standard spec, and a 2.35 m wide pick-up is available as an option.

BiG Pack 1270 (XC/VC) HighSpeed: This machine produces bales measuring 120 cm wide x 70 cm high – one of the most popular bale sizes, particularly in Europe. Choose between single and double knotters. The speciality of this machine is that it is also available as a MultiBale version Which enables you to tie up to nine small bales in one big pack. In this case you’ll need a double knotter and the on-board Comfort electronic system.

BiG Pack 1290 (XC) HighSpeed: The true all-rounder in the range. With its six double knotters and 120 cm wide x 90 cm high baling chamber, this baler produces firm, tidy bales in exactly the right size for the international market.

BiG Pack 4 x 4 (XC) HighSpeed: Designed to impress: this big baler has a massive baling chamber measuring 4 x 4 ft (120 x 130 cm) and produces bales up to 3.2 m in length. The BiG Pack 4×4 produces the world’s biggest square bales. A flywheel weighing more than 600 kg and the powerful main gearbox press the material through the baling chamber at up to 38 strokes/minute – powerfully and gently at the same time. These massive bales are ideal for use both on the farm and in industrial applications.

The fascination of HDP

  • Ground-breaking high-density baling technology
  • „Exceptionally high density and excellent handling
  • „Highly efficient straw logistics

These days roughly one in every 10 big balers sold worldwide is a KRONE BiG Pack 1290 HDP. And our HDP portfolio has kept on growing. Now high-density square bales are also available in a handy bale size with the BiG Pack 870 HDP MultiBale.

Get the field cleared fast: Harvesting a crop that yields 4 tonnes of straw per hectare and producing 500 kg bales rather than the 400 kg from a conventional big baler cuts the number of bales to be collected by two per hectare. Even though the machine uses higher quality twine – KRONE recommends the KRONE excellent HDP Strong² – twine costs drop by up to 25% courtesy of the higher baling density.

Cutting costs: The profitability and cost-effectiveness of straw baling depends to a great extent on the baling, transportation and storage costs. KRONE has the answer with the HDP system. The up to 25% higher density bales cut the production costs per tonne, increasing the profit potential of professional straw sales. A BiG Pack HDP is your guarantee of success. It’s the smart way to work.

BiG Pack HDP II – unbeatable: KRONE has developed a completely new big baler that scales new heights in efficient straw handling. The HDP II is the undisputed market leader when it comes to baler throughput. The HDP II beats a standard HDP baler hands down when it comes to baling speed. This big baler delivers up to 70 % more throughput while maintaining the same density. Getting every field cleared fast.

870 HDP (XC) MultiBale

  • 80 x 70 cm chamber for greater flexibility
  • „Up to 25% denser bales with HDP technology
  • „MultiBale: up to nine small packs in one big bale

The BiG Pack 870 HDP (XC) MultiBale HighSpeed gives you maximum flexibility. The unique and patented system ties up to 9 small individual bales into one big pack. With much fewer bales to collect and transport, MultiBale makes bale handling so much easier in the field.

The “3-in-1” machine. The BiG Pack 870 HDP (XC) MultiBale HighSpeed enables you to respond with maximum flexibility to your customers’ wants and needs. Because this baler not only produces standard bales but transport-friendly heavier HDP bales and practical MultiBales as well. The MultiBale is the new HD bale that enables you to achieve much higher throughputs with a comparable end product.

Easy handling: The MultiBale system ties up to nine small individual bales together in one big pack. This makes them much easier to handle in the field, with up to 20 times fewer bales to collect and load compared with HD bales.

From big to small: The advantages are obvious: there are only a few big bales to collect in the fi eld, and their size makes them very easy to stack, transport and store. Back in the yard, the small packs are easy to separate by hand simply by snipping through three strings.

Tailor-made for container shipping: As an option the width of the baling chamber can be reduced by 3 cm (1.2″) for a perfect fit for the most common sea containers, even with bales containing different crops.

1290 HDP (XC/VC)

  • „Highest baling density – up to 25% higher bale weight
  • „Fewer bales per hectare – fields cleared faster
  • „Less storage space – lower freight costs

With its extended 120 x 90 cm baling chamber the KRONE BiG Pack 1290 HDP takes baling density to a whole new level. Bales produced by HDP are 25% heavier than bales from traditional big balers.

Quick payback: The BiG Pack 1290 HDP breaks new ground among big balers. The high density of the bales saves space and the uniform, sharp-edged bales are easy to stack. More weight and less volume – that has a positive impact on handling, transport and storage costs.

Clever twist: The combination of the huge bevel gearbox and the flywheel tipping the scales at more than 600 kg (1,322 lbs) can cope with more than 940 kW/1280 hp and efficiently absorbs peak loads on the plunger during baling.

Extended bale chamber: The extended chamber bales 500 kg bales of 2.35 m in length – as demonstrated by BiG Pack 1290 HDP many times over in straw. The strengthened, funnel-shaped bale chamber, which has been extended by 80 cm, produces up to 25% denser bales.

The pressure’s on: To cope with the high baling pressure, KRONE has kitted out its balers with around 2.5 tonnes more steel. The large, reinforced yoke is designed to cope with exceptionally high loads. Six hydraulic rams generate the force on the side walls, delivering rock-solid big bales.

1290 HDP II

  • Up to 70% higher throughputs than the BiG Pack 1290 HDP HighSpeed
  • „or up to 10% higher density than the BiG Pack 1290 HDP HighSpeed
  • „Eight patented double knotters for exceptionally high density bales
  • „The twine boxes lower hydraulically for easy maintenance and refilling

Up to 70% higher throughput or up to 10% higher bale density than the BiG Pack 1290 HDP HighSpeed – these were the ambitious targets the KRONE engineers set themselves in designing the new BiG Pack HDP II. Plenty of attractive features increase the efficiency of this baler and make it more user-friendly to operate.

After many years’ experience with the BiG Pack 1290 HDP (High Density Press), KRONE has designed a completely new Big Brother to the highly successful BiG Pack HDP big baler, reinforcing its position as market leader in high-density baling.

The separate driveline: The pick-up and the rotor cutter on the BiG Pack HDP II with XCut are powered by a separate 4-groove poly belt which shuts off automatically if there is a blockage inside the machine. To save power, the pick-up and rotor start off only after the plunger has started.

A massive rotor for even higher throughputs: The 30% bigger rotor cutter features five rows of tines for highest throughputs. These V-shaped tines pull the crop through the blades with a minimum of input power and keep the bale chamber consistently filled up to the sides.

Eight double knotters: Extremely high-density, stable bales produced at very high ground speeds – that’s a challenge for any twine and knotter, especially when the crop is prone to expanding. So KRONE has got together with Rasspe to develop a brand new, patented knotter system especially for the BiG Pack HDP II. This system comprises eight slim double knotters which expose the individual strings to minimal pull, enabling them to hold even denser packs.

Deselectable pusher dogs: A pin sets the system, either enabling all pusher dogs to clear the entire bale chamber or disabling the dogs at the front so that just the finished bale is unloaded.

Deselectable pusher dogs: A pin sets the system, either enabling all pusher dogs to clear the entire bale chamber or disabling the dogs at the front so that just the finished bale is unloaded.


  • Fully integrated moisture sensor in the baling chamber
  • „Fully integrated weighing system in the bale chute
  • „Camera system for safe reversing
  • „Extra twine boxes at the rear

For even greater convenience and effectiveness, choose from a number of options that add even more features to your machine, including moisture sensing and bale weighing systems that give accurate information on the job at hand, or LED work lights and reverse cameras for unobstructed vision and a clear all-round view.

Clear view to all sides: You can opt for a reverse-drive CCTV system that comprises a camera and a colour screen which has a second port for a second camera. The camera can also connect to the CCI terminal.

Hitch for quiet running: Farmers in different countries use different attachment systems: A top- and bottom-mount drawbar is a standard feature on all BiG Packs. A ball- or ring-hitch drawbar is an option for all BiG Packs. Choose between the ball hitch and ring hitch for use with the pivoting drawbar.

As a standard specification, the BiG Pack 1270, 1290 and 1290 HDP can have a pneumatic knotter cleaning system which can be boosted with a mechanical constant flow fan. The continuous air flow keeps the knotters free from debris before it has a chance to accumulate.

Precise weight: Would you like to keep track of whether the bale weight is meeting your customers’ needs? Then the optional bale chute with integrated weighing system is just the right technology for you. The terminal displays not just the weight of every single bale but also the total weight of the finished baling job.

Clear crop quality display: The optional moisture sensor updates the operator on the current crop condition, displaying the information on the monitor in the cab. The information is read out on a cab-based monitor. An alarm is issued automatically whenever a preset parameter is exceeded.

Data and order management with CCI.Control Mobile: machine, fleet management and navigation data can be recorded on this iPad app.

BiG Data Tools is KRONE’s easy-to-use, free analysis software. It displays machine data recorded via CCI.Control Mobile in the form of a bale map.

Smooth start: All KRONE big balers feature a hydraulic start assist system. A hydromotor gets the flywheel up to speed before the tractor pto is engaged – all operated conveniently via the terminal in the cab, naturally.

More twine on board: To supplement the main twine boxes, two extra twine boxes can be mounted at the rear of the machine, Allowing you to securely carry either 12 balls of twine or 10 balls of twine and one toolbox (not available in combination with the BaleCollect.)

Turn night into day: The three optional LED work lights illuminate the area behind the baler and the pick-up at the front. Simply connect the lights to the existing harness and switch them from the terminal. Enjoy optimum visibility during those night shifts.

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