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EasyCut B 1000 CV

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EasyCut B 1000 CV
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With some discs turning in pairs towards each other and others turning away from each other, it was necessary to redesign the degree of blade overlap to ensure cleanest cuts. For stripeless cuts in light and young crops, we have therefore increased blade overlaps on the discs turning outwards. In addition, the blades turning to the rear are set further apart to encourage a smooth flow of large volumes of crop.

The KRONE developed satellite driveline comprises massive spur gears with up to 66 teeth which transfer the power all the way down to the very last disc. The large-diameter gears rotate at reduced speeds, with a higher number of teeth meshing with the neighbouring gearwheels for even quieter running, ultimate efficiency and maximum longevity. The auxiliary gears drive one disc each and as a result are exposed to only minimum loading.

The wedge-shaped cutterbar offers many height setting options. The spur gears run in massive double bearings, allowing the cutterbar to handle extremely high loads.


The KRONE SafeCut System

  • „Full driveline protection for added reliability
  • „Neighbouring discs will not collide
  • „Wear-free
  • „Quick-change roll pins for minimum downtime and costs

Colliding discs may cause damage and involve costly repairs. KRONE SafeCut offers a maximum of protection and peace of mind. The award winning system on all EasyCut models offers a unique level of protection and operator comfort. SafeCut is a base specification feature on all EasyCut F and R models.

Each disc on the mower has its own individual impact protection. When the blade hits an obstacle the shockload is transferred to a roll pin which breaks. As a result, the disc automatically threads 15 mm up on the drive shaft.

If the system is suddenly overloaded, the impact is not directed to the spur gears in the driveline, instead a roll pin in the sprocket drive shaft shears off. The pinion shaft continues spinning, jacking up the disc in question, moving it out of the risk zone and the orbit of the neighbouring discs. As a result, SafeCut prevents damage to the spur gears and the neighbouring discs. Replacing the roll pin takes a few minutes and is not very costly.

Adjust the overlap

The arms on the side mowers telescope to provide the best possible overlapping with the front mower for a perfect cut.

Easy handling

  • Control box for maximum comfort
  • Operate the side mowers in synch or individually
  • Compact on the road: Not exceeding the 4.00 m transport height and
    2.95 m width limitations plus offering a 25 cm ground clearance

The KRONE mower combinations offer professional farmers and contractors the specification and comfort they need: a large work width, an enormous efficiency and compact build, as well as low tractor input, ease of operation and excellent handling – all being true benchmark features for a mower in this class.

Folded into transport position and safely propped by sturdy stands, the 2.95 m wide EasyCut B 750, B 890 and B 970 models require about 3.70 m to 4.00 m in height. In transport, these machines won’t exceed the maximum height of 4 m and yet give a generous 25 cm ground clearance.

CV conditioner

  • V-shaped steel tines at steep angles give intensive and perfect conditioning
  • The driveline dispenses with belts for frictional and low-maintenance Connections
  • Great operator comfort from mechanical conditioner gearbox
  • Adjustable baffle plates for enhanced conditioning

Efficiency is one parameter in hay and forage harvesting, quality is another. The high-performance KRONE CV conditioner with V-shaped steel tines spreads the crop at the full working width. The 640 mm diameter rotor and the helical arrangement of the tines warrant a continuous crop flow, high throughputs and superior conditioning.

The v-tines are made from hardened steel and mount at a steep angle, treating the forage intensively and powerfully. The tines pivot to the rear when hitting a foreign object whereas their restricted forward angle increases the pivot pin‘s lifetime.

CR conditioner

The roller conditioner models (polyurethane rollers or M-Rolls)

  • The roller conditioner models (rubber rollers or M-Rolls)
  • Consistent crop flow by 25 cm diameter rollers
  • High throughput from powered crop processor rollers
  • Top quality from profiled rollers – thanks to their ‘meshing effect’
  • Choice of roller conditioners – polyurethane rollers or steel M-Rolls

Leafy crops like Lucerne or clovers require a different type of conditioning than crops that are predominantly grass. The CR roller conditioners give particularly gentle treatment, leaving the delicate leaves intact which are so rich in protein and safeguarding the value of the feed. Spreading the crop will speed up wilting.

Combi Float

  •  It maintains a uniform ground pressure in undulating terrain and with the mowers working in offset positions.
  • The mower suspension is easily adjusted from the tractor seat – even on the move.
  • A lightweight, hardwearing, easy-pulling and compact design.

The speciality of this feature is the fact that it maintains the pressure inside the reservoirs of the hydro-pneumatic system – courtesy of extra spools and the circuit of the single-acting coupler with free return line. The advantage of this system is that it maintains a uniform suspension of both mowers in undulating terrain and when working at various work widths.

Forget about stripes

  • „Hydraulic overlap Adjustment
  • „Large setting range of up to 40cm per side
  • „Cleanest cuts in bends and on slopes

The hydraulic sideshift feature on the side mowers eliminates any striping and maximizes efficiency productivity. The feature is standard specification. Cutting straight lines, the machine operates at the maximum width and minimum overlap, whereas larger overlaps and a narrow work width is selected when cutting curved lines. As you operate on the slope, simply retrieve a stored sideshift range to the right or left and avoid drifting and striping.

Double-acting rams inside the mower arms extend and retract the arms on the move to vary the degree of overlap.Double-acting rams inside the mower arms extend and retract the arms on the move to vary the degree of overlap.

The ISOBUS terminal allows operators to telescope the rear mowers hydraulically in and out, either in sync. or independently by up to 40 cm. In addition, the standard-fit terminal adjusts the work width simultaneously on both sides.

With cross conveyor belts

EasyCut B 870 CV/CR Collect | EasyCut B 1000 CV/CR Collect

  • „Extra wide merger belts ensure a continuous flow even in high volumes of crop
  • Each belts can be raised individually, providing one of the three swathing modes available: central swathing, independent swathing or no swathing
  • Belts shut off and on automatically when raised and lowered

The Collect system with merger belts makes EasyCut B 870 CV and B 1000 CV with steel tine conditioners and EasyCut B 870 CR and B 1000 CR with roller conditioners versatile machines that spread the material across the working width or produce one central or two individual swaths. The powerful belts handle even the heaviest crops most effectively.

Cutting whole crop silage requires powerful machines with plenty of clearance. The Collect mower combinations have nearly 1 m wide merger belts that merge even the highest volumes of crop to the middle. Depending on the crop growth and the desired shape of the swath, operators can adjust belt speeds hydraulically from the tractor seat.

Raise the belts and spread the material across the full width. Spreading the material speeds up wilting and helps achieves target DM rates faster.

Operate only one belt to clear the pass along the border so the following machines can work at greater ease.

In one up-and-down operation, EasyCut B 1000 CV groups up to 20.20 m of work into four swaths and 13.00 m – ideal for further swathing by a KRONE four-rotor centre delivery rake.

Operator interfaces

The user-friendly control units on EasyCut B 750, B 870, B 890, B 970 und B 1000 allow operators to select transport position, headland and work position by flicking the rocker switches and control each mower separately.

EasyCut B 1000 CV | B 1000 CR

  • High work rates from up to 10.10 m working widths
  • EasyCut B 1000 CV with steel tine conditioner
  • EasyCut B 1000 CR with an aggressive roller conditioner
  • Hydro-pneumatic compensation for uniform ground pressures
  • A standard break-back system gives effective protection

The EasyCut B 1000 CV and EasyCut B 1000 CR stand out for a huge 10.10 m work width and their powerful CV or CR conditioners. Another high-profile feature is the world-first Combi Float – the automatic and hydro-pneumatic control system.

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