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GrabMax Silage Grabs

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GrabMax Silage Grabs
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Tough, versatile silage grabs, with unique clamping radius making clean up easier, helping you to get the max from your operation.

Loader-mounted silage grab for handling and loading loose feeds, silage or muck.

Hustler’s range of GrabMax silage grabs helps you get the max out of your operation, ensuring safe and efficient handling of bulk/loose feed such as grass or maize/corn silage, or even manure. From the LM Series of everyday farmer grabs to the heavy-duty LX Series, GrabMax has you covered for loaders, skid steers, telehandlers and shovel loaders.

4 Reasons to Choose GrabMax

1. Versatile

GrabMax is an extremely versatile attachment for loading feed wagons with bales, grass, maize/corn silage. It can also be used to load manure/muck spreaders. Two side containment tines on each side of the grab help secure the load and keep the work/loading area clean.

2. Compact Design

GrabMax’s compact design provides great visibility and a short load centre, allowing you to load more with each scoop. By keeping the load close to the tractor, GrabMax reduces the constraints on the tractor’s front axle and allows you to lift and load more with less.

3. Unique clamp radius

GrabMax’s unique clamping radius provides a near-perfect clamping curve, keeping a very clean face on your silage pit. It also allows you to load and handle a wider variety of materials efficiently, including pit silage, round bales and manure!

4. Tough design

From the thick-walled tube, fully enclosed back and reinforced cone collars, to the forged tines and tapered frame bushings, the GrabMax is built for years of hassle-free service. We are so confident in its strength that we can offer a 4-year warranty, the best in the business!

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