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Kubota Wheel Rake Series

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Kubota Wheel Rake Series

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Tough raking jobs call for a Kubota Wheel Rake. Both of our standard and deluxe wheel rakes were designed for clean, gentle raking no matter what kind of terrain you’re working. Their individual floating wheels and fast high lift capacity mean you get perfect ground contour every time without damaging your crop or contaminating the swath. When the day is done, the narrow transport width also means you won’t have a problem getting it down even the narrowest country roads.

Telescoping wing arms

Kubota’s Deluxe Wheel rake is designed with telescoping wing arms for maximum reach. Use your storage jack to extend them up to an additional 1.5 feet of working width. Kubota wing tubes also slide on acetyl polymer blocks so you’ll never have to worry about them jamming or rusting into place.

Adjustable wing height stops

With 3 different wing height stops to choose from, you can decide where you want your rakes to be. Choose how much down force you want or rake wheels, or you can even rest your rake wheels just above ground for a gentler touch.

Reinforced adjustment locations

Your equipment needs to be just as tough as any job you can throw at it, and twice as durable. That’s why our Deluxe wheel rake has been reinforced with doubler plates on the arm and a tube on the wing. So don’t bother driving around the bumps. This Rake rake can take it.

Frame construction

Both of Kubota’s standard and deluxe wheel rakes have been designed with a high clearance frame that can fit up to 10 wheel rakes. The deluxe model frame has a 38.5” longer reach to accommodate 12 wheels.

Individual floating wheels

Imagine being able to change the position of your rake wheels as soon as your terrain changes. That’s the kind of thinking that inspired our individual floating rake wheels. Kubota’s tandem design digs one wheel in when the neighbouring wheel raises so you can expect perfect ground contour every time you rake.

Hydraulic lockout valve

Stop avoiding turning windrows. Both of our standard and deluxe Rake rakes were built with hydraulic lockout valves on each wing. So you can rake with only the left or right side for effortless, easy turning windrows. And when you’re done raking for the day, use the hydraulic lockout valve as a transport lock on your way home.

Ductile cast iron hitch

At Kubota, we never skimp on quality. So we built our Rake rakes with a virtually unbreakable ductile cast iron hitch. Adjustable between 14 to 24”, this hitch is impact resistant and has unbeatable tensile strength.

Integrated hose and harness storage

If you expect your equipment to go the extra mile, it better be well-designed. That’s why we route our hoses and harness through the tongue. Less exposure to the elements means fewer accidents and more jobs well done.

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