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The Next Generation Of Harvesting

Topping the CR lineup is the all-new CR11, delivering new levels of capacity and productivity. Built with profitability in mind, the CR11 is equipped to meet today’s most critical demands while driving down the total cost of harvesting.

Record-breaking Performance

New Holland CR combines hold the world record for capacity in both wheat and soybeans. In 2014, the CR10.90 harvested 29,308 bushels of wheat in less than eight hours, obliterating the previous harvesting record.

Best-in-class Grain And Straw Quality

The multi-pass action of the Twin Rotor® design releases grain quickly and gently for low grain damage and loss. Gentle, in-line crop flow creates straw that’s perfect for baling.

Get The Intellisense™ Advantage

The IntelliSense™ combine automation system optimizes the CR series combine settings every 20 seconds so you get the highest possible throughput and lowest grain loss. 



Introducing the all-new CR11 Twin Rotor® combine: the most productive combine in any field. Building on our nearly 50-year legacy of harvesting innovation, the CR11 was designed from the ground up with profitability in mind. Built around core pillars of more productivity, maximum grain savings, premium residue management and enhanced uptime, the CR11 has the capabilities needed to address today’s biggest harvest pain points while ultimately reducing the total cost of harvest.



Ultimate Ease In The Harvest Suite™ Ultra Cab

New Holland designed the Harvest Suite Ultra cab with more comfort and ease so you stay refreshed and work with precision, even during long days and nights harvesting. This 131-cubic-foot cab gives you plenty of space, and at 73 decibels, it is still the quietest cab on the market.


Effortlessly Maximize Your Performance

Intelligent and intuitive automation saves time and enhances harvesting performance. The CommandGrip™ multi-function handle is your right-hand harvesting man. You control all key machine and header parameters, including header height, reel position and unloading engagement. The right-hand console contains less frequently used functions, which are laid out in an ergonomic and logical manner. You monitor machine functions at a glance courtesy of the color IntelliView™ IV display. Two USB charging ports are included at the front of the right-hand console for your convenience.


Efficient Feeding That Increases Capacity And Improves Protection

The CR REVELATION feeding system features four chains with connecting slats for improved crop flow and even smoother feeding into the Twin Rotor® threshing system. The CR line benefits from an impressive header lift capacity for ultimate productivity when working with the very largest headers. you can choose between the Advanced Stone Protection system or the optional Dynamic Feed Roll™ system, both which ensure the threshing mechanism is always fully protected.


Unrivaled Twin Rotor® Grain Quality

New Holland invented the Twin Rotor® concept more than 44 years ago and has refined this evolving technology so that it delivers unmatched efficiency, capacity and grain quality. It’s also a design that is extremely flexible, making it easy to match a CR REVELATION combine to various crops, conditions and operations.


The Cleanest Grain Sample

Best-in-class grain quality and the industry’s cleanest grain sample … it must be the CR REVELATION. Don’t just take our word for it. In comparative grain sample tests, Twin Rotor® technology beat the competition hands down. The result: a minuscule 0.2% broken grain.

How? This feat is thanks to the unique Twin Rotor® concept which ensures in-line crop flow for the gentlest grain handling. Grain quality is further enhanced by award-winning features including the Aggressive Shake and Opti-Clean™ self-leveling cleaning shoe systems with Opti-Fan™ technology.


A Super-size Grain Tank For Super-sized Performance

Larger grain tank sizes perfectly match the CR REVELATION’s high capacity, for less frequent unloading and increased productivity. The extra-long unloading auger matches the performance of the CR REVELATION combines with the widest headers.


Flexible Residue Management Suits Your Operation

New Holland offers a comprehensive residue management system that you can tailor to your needs.


700 Horsepower: The World’s Most Powerful Combine

The top-of-the-line CR10.90 with Cursor 16 engine continues to deliver 700 maximum engine horsepower for record-breaking performance in the field. This powerful engine in combination with IntelliSteer™ auto guidance means that CR REVELATION combines can now harvest even more in a given hour, getting the crop off the field faster without sacrificing grain quality.


Superior Traction And Comfort

The all-new SmartTrax™ system offers 57% reduced ground pressure thanks to a triangular structure that improves traction and reduces compaction. New Holland SmartTrax systems offer your operation numerous benefits including enhanced stability and increased contact area when compared to tires, all while maintaining maneuverability within a narrow transport width.


Choose From A Range Of Precision Solutions

You can order your CR REVELATION combine with fully integrated IntelliSteer™ auto guidance direct from the factory to start saving money from your first run. IntelliSteer auto guidance is an integral part of the combine’s steering system and uses DGPS or RTK to help ensure parallel pass-to-pass accuracy as precise as +/- 1 inch. IntelliSteer benefits include less operator fatigue and full, more effective use of header cutting width, which leads to higher capacity every day.


The Sixth Sense Of Harvesting

New Holland’s IntelliSense™ system equips CR REVELATION combines with a proactive automation system that reacts more quickly and smoothly to changing conditions. The system makes preemptive adjustments before overload or losses are even on the horizon. It’s the sixth sense of harvesting.


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