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Kubota BX23s Review – How it compares to the BX25D


  • Increased utility – Skid Steer Type coupler to allow for additional implements
  • Fast-changing of implements – Compatible with LA340s SwiftTach Loader and BT603 Swift Connect Backhoe 
  • Improved operator comfort – Backlit lighting and enhanced ergonomics improves comfort and usability 
  • Easier maintenance accessibility – One-piece hood opens fully to quickly gain access to the engine compartment.  


Kubota pioneered the sub-compact tractor category all the way back in the early 2000s when they introduced the BX2200. Since then they’ve introduced the 30 series, 50 series, 60 series, 70 series, and more recently the BX80 series tractors. 

The 80 series tractors  – BX1880, BX2380, BX2680, and the BX23S – replace the outgoing 70 series tractors – BX1870, BX2370, BX2670, and the BX25D.

What’s great about the new 80 series tractors is the new innovations and improvements that Kubota has engineered will really help improve the usability and flexibility of an already remarkably useful tractor. 

Here’s what has been improved on the 80 series tractor vs the older 70 series tractor.

Skid steer quick coupler

The first big change you’ll see in the new 80 series BX models now includes a skid steer compatible universal coupler. This one change opens the 80 series BX tractor to a slew of new attachments that were previously unavailable to a tractor of this size. 

Previously the quick coupling systems of many manufacturers were proprietary and not a standard coupler. This meant that you would be somewhat limited in choice on what kind of attachments you could put onto this machine.

With the new 80 series using an industry-standard coupler, your available attachments increase dramatically. This means you are able to add in attachments like pallet forks, oversized buckets man many more implements that usually found on larger tractors on this sub-compact model. 

Easy to change Loader

The 80 series BX tractors are compatible the LA340S quick attach – Swift-Tach – loaders. This model allows the BX 80 series operator to attach/detach the loader with a few simple procedures – all without having to leave their seat!

Additionally, the Swift-Tach hoses in the LA340S loader uses a flat-faced no-spill coupler instead of traditional pioneer couplers resulting in less spillage and mess while keeping the hydraulics free of contaminants.

Easier Accessibility for maintenance

Even though Kubotas are known for their reliability, you will eventually need to access the engine compartment from time to time to check things out. 

While the older 70 series was accessible by opening the hood and taking off the side panels, the newer 80 series has one-piece hood that opens completely allowing you to quickly access the engine compartment to do your maintenance. 

Improved operator platform

Sure improvements on the loader is great and now you’ll be able to use more attachments, but let’s talk about what really important – operator comfort. 

After all, that’s where you’ll be spending most of your time while operating this tractor, isn’t it?

Kubota really gets things right in BX80’s operator platform. While the seat is similar, to the outgoing model, the new model, comes with a bunch of goodies that help with keeping you comfortable. 

The new 80 series comes with a tiltable steering wheel that allows the new BX to be used with a more diverse set of operators. Tilt down if you’re on the smaller size and tilt-up in you’re a larger operator. 

Next, the dashboard and gauges are now fully analog and backlit. Previously the 70s series had a set of digital gauges that didn’t give enough precision and was not as easy to read as good old-fashioned analog gauges.

The loader stick has been moved to the side beside the operator rather than in front. This new position is dramatically more comfortable as it allows the operator to have their arm on the armrest while holding on to the loader stick. 

Quick mount on the back hoe attachment

The new 80 series BX now uses the new BT603 backhoe attachment whereas the 70 series uses the BT602. 

While the ratings for the BT602 and BT603 may be very similar, the main difference is the BT602 uses a traditional pin to mount and secure the backhoe to the tractor where as the BT603 uses a new cam system that makes removing the backhoe as simple as rotating a lever allowing the backhoe to simply fold off the tractor. 

That’s it. No more lifting the machine off the ground and no more getting the pin out with a hammer.

Now may be the time to look into the new BX80 series

While new model updates in the past may be evolutionary with slight updates here and there, the advantages that come with the 80 series BX tractors is pretty dramatic when compared to the older 70 series.

With the new couplers, loaders, and comfort features, the BX80 series tractors literally can do more, do it faster, and do it more comfortably than the older 70 series. 

Come down to Douglas Lake Equipment and we’d be happy to show one to you so you can see for yourself.

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